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Antifungal Photodynamic Laser Enhancer for Pentachom

Introducing Pentachom's ingenious companions to your antifungal journey – The Laser Accelerator Pens. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your Laser Therapy, these pens revolutionize your path to recovery from onychomycosis.

Unleash the

The Power of Light

with Pentachom’s Laser Accelerators.

1 months2 months3 months

1 package contains 4 pens:

- 2 Laser Accelerator for Cold Laser Treatment

- 2 Laser Accelerator for Pulse Laser Treatment

One pack contains 4 enhancer pens ( 2 Laser Accelerator for Cold Laser Treatment, 2 Laser Accelerator for Pulse Laser Treatment). It is not possible to predict exactly how long a pack will last, as it depends on how much serum you apply to your nails in one session and how many treatments you do in a day.

Currently, one month's supply is one pack, two months' supply is two packs and three months' supply is three packsIts use is also recommended for healed nails for 1-2 months.


Cold Laser Accelerator:Glycerin, Angelica Dahurica, Sophora Flavescens, Phellodendron, Curcumin, Tea Tree, Curcumin, EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), Resveratrol, Coconut Oil, Limonene

Pulse Laser Accelerator:
Coconut oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Curcumin, Phenophorbiade-a, Urea, Hypericum Perforatum, Jojoba oil

Introducing Pentachom's 

Revolutionary Laser Accelerator Pens

Discover the photodynamic solution of Antifungal Innovation

Pentachom proudly presents its latest breakthrough in antifungal technology – the Cold and Pulse Laser Accelerator Pens.

Embrace the power of natural molecules matched with the strength of light, and say hello to a future of healthy, strong nails.

These innovative pens are poised to transform the way you combat fungal infections, offering a dual approach that combines the potency of powerful natural molecules with the precision of photodynamic therapy.

No more frustration of failed attempts. 

No more unending cycles of antifungal treatments.

Skyrocket your way to healthy nails and
say goodbye to nail fungus for good.

Multiply the effectiveness of Pentachom’s laser regimen and experience the difference.

Elevate Pentachom’s performance to new heights.

All natural active ingredients with antifungal,
antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Antifungal Laser Enhancer is designed to get
to work immediately supporting the laser treatment.

No fillers and no bulkers

All natural active ingredients with antifungal,

antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Every ingredient within the Laser Accelerator helps prepare your nails for treatment
with one application before every use of your antifungal laser device.
No cheap chemicals to clog up your cells and slow treatment, just  100% natural ingredients.

Photosensitizing ingredients

that work synergistically

All ingredients specifically matched with the wavelenghts of Pentachom's laser programs.

✔ Intense treatment that targets the fungal infection at its core 

✔ Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties

✔ Enhanced nail plate and tissue penetration ensuring deep substance delivery and targeted laser treatment

✔ Strengthening your healthy nail growing out underneath

✔ Helps restore the texture, color and structure of the nail

✔ Quick, painless, free from side-effects

Cold Laser Accelerator

Powered by an advanced formulation that reacts to the soothing blue light.

Stops fungus with surgical precision.

Pulse Laser Accelerator

Pairing perfectly with
 the red and infrared lights. 

Helps your nail reborn.

How to use
  The Laser Accelerators

Use the Cold and Pulse Laser Accelerator with the Cold and Pulse laser programs respectively, each time following the steps below:

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the affected toes or fingers
  2. Gently rotate the end of the COLD pen to dispense
    product onto the brush applicator
  3. Apply a thin layer of liquid directly over the affected nails 5 mins before every use of Pentachom, or up to 2 times daily
  4. Perform the COLD laser treatment for 7 minutes as per instructions
  5. Gently rotate the end of the PULSE pen and apply a thin layer of liquid over the affected nails a few minutes before following on with the Pulse laser program
  6. Perform the PULSE laser treatment for 7 minutes as per instructions
  7. If needed, you can follow on with the ULTRA program, which works with both serums

What sets the Laser Accelerators apart from any other antifungal serum on the market?

Our serums are specially formulated to carefully match with the different wavelenghts of Pentachom's antifungal laser programs, each precisely calibrated to activate the potent compounds and treat all kinds of nail fungus. 

Once the treatment starts, the laser's light activates the photosensitive compounds within the serum, triggering the production of potent oxygen species. This oxygen selectively attacks and destroys the nail fungus, leaving healthy tissue unharmed.

The serums not only prepare the nail for the laser treatment, but intensify the effect of the whole treatment program, delivering powerful antifungal treatment deep within the nail itself without causing damage to the sensitive skin around the nail. 

The synergy between the powerful serums and the advanced laser technology delivers exceptional results in stopping fungal spread, but also aids in the regeneration of the nail plate, promoting the growth of strong and healthy nails.

What is so extra about

The Laser Accelerator?

Restores strenght and reduces brittleness and cracking. 

Improves nail texture and discoloration.

Deeply penetrates the nail plate. 

Long-lasting, post-treatment antifungal effect. 

Helps your nails grow healthy, strong and longer.

Innovative science meets advanced technology. 

With Pentachom’s Photodynamic program, fungal infections are met with a powerful dual-action approach. 

Pentachom's Laser Accelerator Pens are your companions in the fight against stubborn fungal infections.

The formula potent and powerful, yet it is gentle on your skin.
Apply it in seconds 2 times a day before you start the laser treatments.

It leaves no unpleasant odor and dries quickly. Non-sticky formula. No need to wash it off.
Leak-proof packaging. Simple to use, store, and safe to carry with you. 

Your Journey to Fungal Freedom Starts Here.

Get your Antifungal Laser Enhancer today,
and boost your laser nail fungus treatment,
eliminating your nail fungus speedily.