What do you get for 349.99 only?

  • The best-selling pocket-size Onychom portable laser device
  • The Pentachom Photodynamic Laser Program for 5-toe coverage at once
  • 4 pcs of Antifungal Laser Enhancer Treatment Pens for pre-treatment and maintenance

+ Onychom Laser Treatment and 1 pack of
        Laser Enhancer Treatment Pens (4 pcs)

Customer reviews:

Heal your nails anywhere, anytime. With the Ultimate Nail Fungus Treatment Package, you'll have one tool to treat up to 5 nails at a time, and one tool you can take anywhere - it fits in your pocket. To get maximum efficiency, we'll even give you a Laser Enhancer Package for free.

127.100 Ft

$199,99 - $99,99 - Onychom Antifungal Laser Treatment

$349,99 - $199,99 - Pentachom Antifungal PDT Program

$49,99 For FREE Laser Enhancer Treatment Pens

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180 days money back guarantee

Treat and travel with ease

using this full package convenient for all 365 days of the year

Getting tired of constantly visiting the doctor, and taking medications, and still, your toenail fungus just doesn't go away? Do you keep trying the latest healing methods, but fungus hardly disappears, or does it always come back? Here’s where this special Nail Fungus Treatment Package of the most advanced nail fungus treatments comes into the game.

Let us introduce the solutions that already convinced tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

Why Onychom?

Onychom is the strongest portable laser device that treats one nail at once. It combines two treatment modes using three lasers on three different wavelengths. The best in it is that this dual treatment can easily fit in your pocket.

Most people fail to get rid of nail fungus because they often interrupt their treatment. With Onychom you have no reason to. Bring this pocket-size do magic with your nails device with you on your business or vacation trip. A consistent daily 7-minute per nail session can do magic with your nails.

Why the Pentachom Photodynamic Laser Program (PDT)? 

If you have infections on more than one nail or your condition is more severe, Pentachom is what you need to save a lot of time. This device covers 5 toes at once and treats them simultaneously using 15 antifungal lasers and 5 beneficial LEDs.

Two specially formulated serums are carefully matched with the different laser light wavelengths of the device, each precisely calibrated to activate the potent compounds and treat all kinds of nail fungus while preserving healthy tissue.

Why choose this bundle
   of antifungal products?

✅ This is the most effective at-home and travel nail fungus treatment package that helps you keep the consistency of your treatment without any difficulty

✅ The strong combination of treatment modes helps you get rid of the nail infection in the shortest time possible without any side effects

✅ If you have a family member with nail fungus infection, give a treatment as a present to them and help them gain their healthy nails back

What results to expect?

Following a consistent treatment, the body's natural healing processes take over.
New, healthy nail tissue begins to grow, replacing the damaged and infected areas, resulting in clear and healthy nails.

Treating an infected nail can take up to 18 months, but with a well-designed treatment plan like this photodynamic program combined with laser treatment, you can gain the results you desire even in 6 to 8 months.

Just let time pass until the new nail grows out, replacing the damaged nail.

Phase 1:

Activation of

The treatment begins by applying the photosensitizing ingredients from the treatment pens to the affected nails. These ingredients are specially designed to enhance the sensitivity of the fungal cells to light.

Phase 2:

Laser Therapy

Once the photosensitizing ingredients are in place, the Pentachom device emits a precise combination of cold and pulse lasers. These lasers are carefully calibrated to penetrate the infected nail without causing harm to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Phase 3:

Cell Destruction

As the laser light interacts with the photosensitized fungal cells, it triggers a powerful chemical reaction within them. This reaction leads to the destruction of the fungal cells, effectively eliminating the infection at its source.

Phase 4:

Natural Healing

Following the treatment, the body's natural healing processes take over. New, healthy nail tissue begins to grow, replacing the damaged and infected areas, resulting in clearer and healthier nails.

Extra antifungal serums to maintain treatment 

The Laser Enhancer Serum is the simplest pre-treatment to supplement your antifungal laser therapy and speed up your recovery from onychomycosis. It multiplies the effectiveness of Onychom as it softens the nail plate and helps the lasers penetrate the nail more effectively.

Additionally, thanks to its potent antifungal properties such as tea tree oil, phellodendron, angelica dahurica, and sophora flacescens it helps maintain your treatment and restore your nails in the quickest time possible. 

Featured review:

"It looks like Pentachom is having a positive effect after only two weeks of use! I've been struggling with nail fungus on six of my toes for three years, so it's truly a blessing that I can treat my entire foot at once with this product. I'm hopeful that it will continue to be effective in eliminating the fungus."

Liam Anderson

Pentachom PDT at home

Do your daily treatment with Pentachom PDT Photodynamic Program, in the comfort of your own home. How?In the box of Pentachom, you’ll find two treatment pens. The Blue Laser Accelerator Pen activates the cold lasers, while the Red Laser Accelerator Pen strengthens the pulse lasers in the device, providing a comprehensive and intensified treatment experience.

First, apply a few drops of the serum to the affected nails.Once, the serums are dried, attach the Pentachom device to your foot,select your treatment mode, and let the lasers work for 7 minutes.

Choose the program that matches
your nail fungus infection


Laser Program

Intense Antifungal Treatment

Utilizes a combination of three precise light wavelengths:
905 nm, 465 nm, and 650 nm. 


Laser Program

Intense Antifungal Treatment

The Pulse Laser Treatment adds another layer of antifungal prowess to the Pentachom system.


Laser Program

Synergistic power for Complex cure and maintenance 
The Ultra Laser Program combines the powers of both the Cold and Pulse treatments, utilizing four wavelengths (905 nm, 465 nm, 650 nm, and 405 nm). Provides a complex and intensive treatment, ideal for enhancing antifungal therapy or maintaining a fungi-free state of the nails.


Laser Program

Your shield against nail 

By using this program regularly, you can fortify your nails, reducing the chances of fungal invasion and ensuring their pristine condition.

Onychom Laser treatment on the go

If you’re on your way, do your daily treatment with Onychom.

Apply a thin layer of the Laser Enhancer liquid directly over the affected nails 2 mins before every use, and perform the laser treatment for 7 minutes following the instructions.

Antifungal serum wherever you are

You can use the Laser Enhancer Serum anytime during the day up to 3 times.

What are the extra benefits of

The Laser Enhancer?

Reduces nail brittleness
and cracking 

Promotes smoother
nail texture 

Hydrates and
strengthens nails 

Helps to prevent
nail infections 

Nourishes nails and improves
their overall appearance

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I see the infrared laser beam at cold laser treatment?

905 vs 650 nm laser beam

We’ve received much feedback that our users can see nothing but the antimicrobial light at cold treatment mode and no red laser beam. Typically, the human eye can detect wavelengths from 380 to 700 nanometers, and the infrared laser beam featured in cold laser treatment is 905 nm (using an IR illuminator would make it visible). That’s why we only see blue light when our nails are treated at cold laser treatment mode.

Your feedback is important!

To help our users see what they are doing more clearly, we decided to add an extra laser beam at one of the last visible wavelengths: 650 nm.

Destroys parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast on a deeper layer

Kills bacteria, fungus and mold

Stimulates lymphocyte production

Regulates melatonin production

How frequently can I use Pentachom?

It is recommended to use the product twice a day, treating each nail for 7 minutes. It is important to follow the recommended dosage.

How to use Pentachom?

Instructions for using Pentachom:

1. Attach it to your foot

2. Turn on the device by pressing the green button

3. Select your desired treatment mode (Cold, Pulse, Ultra, Disinfectant)

4. Leave it on for 7 minutes

+1. Resume your daily activities

How does laser treatment work with Pentachom?

During a 7-minute session with Pentachom, many thousands of laser pulses are directed into the nail to destroy the fungus. The laser beam disrupts the structure of the fungus and kills it permanently. The 905 nm focal wavelength is specifically designed to target the fungus and does not cause any harmful side effects on the skin or internal body.

How does disinfectant mode function?

Parallel to the pulsating soft laser, a continuous antibacterial blue-light therapy with 465 nm inhibits fungal growth, making sure that onychomnycosis won’t spread. Due to the photoactive porphyrincs, blue light disinfects everything that the light touches and kills fungus, bacteria and viruses regardless their antibiotic-resistance status.

Is Pentachom painless?

Yes, using Pentachom is completely painless and has no side effects.

How long until I see results?

It may take 1-2 months to see results with regular use, as nail fungus can be a difficult condition to treat.

Who can use Pentachom?

Pentachom can be used by anyone with nail fungus, including children under parental supervision.