15 antifungal laser diodes

for the fastest remedy

Customer reviews:

  • 15 antifungal laser diodes
  • 5x higher efficiency
  • 5 fingers at one time
  • 100% our own development based on your feedback


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The most powerful
   Antifungal Laser System

This is the end of your never-ending story of nail fungus. Equipped with 15 exceptionally strong antifungal lasers, Pentachom’s antifungal laser system targets every type of fungi on both your nails and skin, and even prevents cross-infections. Its high laser dosage makes it highly effective, even against severe infections, and greatly reduces treatment time.

Why laser?

Antifungal lasers are a safe and effective treatment option for nail fungus because they can target the organisms under the layers of the nail without damaging the surrounding skin or tissue.

This makes antifungal lasers a safer choice compared to other therapies that may cause irritation on top of the infection.

The Pentachom Antifungal Laser System combines the power of 15 antifungal lasers and  antimicrobial lights to not only eradicate the fungus, but also prevent its spread. 

If the treatment does not produce the desired results, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Ultra wide space to treat 5 fingers
within 7 minutes.

You don't have to treat each finger separately and wait long minutes for the treatment to be completed anymore - it only takes 7 minutes to treat your whole foot! In addition, the 15 laser beams and 5 sterilizing lights prevent cross-infection and make the treatment 10 times faster than the average antifungal laser treatment.

Featured review:

"It looks like Pentachom is having a positive effect after only two weeks of use! I've been struggling with nail fungus on six of my toes for three years, so it's truly a blessing that I can treat my entire foot at once with this product. I'm hopeful that it will continue to be effective in eliminating the fungus."

Liam Anderson

Laser beams on different wavelengths 

to remove even the most stubborn fungal infections.

Pentachom's laser system uses multiple laser beams with different wavelengths to effectively remove even the most stubborn fungal infections. The combination of these lasers amplifies their medical power, making the treatment time 10 times faster than with a typical laser device.

Laser Program vs an average laser device

  • 15 laser diodes
  • 5 antimicrobial LED
  • 5 fingers at one time
  • Full feet coverage for 5 fingers
    at one time
  • 7 minutes / 5 nails
  • Effective removal of even the stubborn infections
  • 4 treatment modes
  • Designed specifically for a fast & powerful treatment
  • Unique design, developed by Dermachom, based on your feedback

  • 1 laser diode
  • 1 antimicrobial UV light
  • -
  • 1 finger at one time
  • 1 finger coverage
  • 35 minutes / 5 nails
  • Poor performance on removing severe infections
  • 1 laser diode at one time
  • 1 treatment
  • No proprietary design
  • Common design

4 treatment modes for the most efficient remedy

Pentachom's laser system features 4 treatment modes to provide the most efficient and powerful remedy for nail fungus and athlete's foot.
This system includes 5 laser diodes (905 nm), 5 antimicrobial sterilizing light (465 nm), 5 red laser (650 nm) and 5 UV laser (405 nm). 

These components allow for rapid recovery through the use of optional treatment modes.

How to use Pentachom?


Attach it to your foot


 Turn on the device by pressing the green button


Select your desired treatment mode (Cold, Pulse, Ultra, Disinfectant)


Leave it on for 7 minutes.


Keep your day going

  • 15 extra strong antifungal laser diodes. 
  • 7 minutes for 5 nails. 
  • Ultra-wide foot coverage for 5 fingers at one time. 
  • 4 treatments. 
  • Unique design developed by us, based on your feedback. 

This is Pentachom.

What's in the box?

  • Pentachom laser treatment device
  • Cold laser photodynamic laser enhancer
  • Pulse laser photodynamic laser enhancer
  • Pentachom charger
  • Pentachom manual

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I see the infrared laser beam at cold laser treatment?

905 vs 650 nm laser beam

We’ve received much feedback that our users can see nothing but the antimicrobial light at cold treatment mode and no red laser beam. Typically, the human eye can detect wavelengths from 380 to 700 nanometers, and the infrared laser beam featured in cold laser treatment is 905 nm (using an IR illuminator would make it visible). That’s why we only see blue light when our nails are treated at cold laser treatment mode.

Your feedback is important!

To help our users see what they are doing more clearly, we decided to add an extra laser beam at one of the last visible wavelengths: 650 nm.

Destroys parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast on a deeper layer

Kills bacteria, fungus and mold

Stimulates lymphocyte production

Regulates melatonin production

How frequently can I use Pentachom?

It is recommended to use the product twice a day, treating each nail for 7 minutes. It is important to follow the recommended dosage.

How to use Pentachom?

Instructions for using Pentachom:

1. Attach it to your foot

2. Turn on the device by pressing the green button

3. Select your desired treatment mode (Cold, Pulse, Ultra, Disinfectant)

4. Leave it on for 7 minutes

+1. Resume your daily activities

How does laser treatment work with Pentachom?

During a 7-minute session with Pentachom, many thousands of laser pulses are directed into the nail to destroy the fungus. The laser beam disrupts the structure of the fungus and kills it permanently. The 905 nm focal wavelength is specifically designed to target the fungus and does not cause any harmful side effects on the skin or internal body.

How does disinfectant mode function?

Parallel to the pulsating soft laser, a continuous antibacterial blue-light therapy with 465 nm inhibits fungal growth, making sure that onychomnycosis won’t spread. Due to the photoactive porphyrincs, blue light disinfects everything that the light touches and kills fungus, bacteria and viruses regardless their antibiotic-resistance status.

Is Pentachom painless?

Yes, using Pentachom is completely painless and has no side effects.

How long until I see results?

It may take 1-2 months to see results with regular use, as nail fungus can be a difficult condition to treat.

Who can use Pentachom?

Pentachom can be used by anyone with nail fungus, including children under parental supervision.

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