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The 5 Biggest Myths About Nail Fungus

The 5 Biggest Myths About Nail Fungus

When it comes to nail fungus, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around. People seem to have a lot of wrong information about this condition, and about the treatments available for it. In this blog post, we will dispel the 5 biggest myths about nail fungus!

Nail polish is a good choice to cover up nail fungus

This is a common myth, but it is simply not true. Nail fungus is an infection of the nail bed, and even the nail polish will be able to cover it up, you may end up making the infection worse. Nail polish traps the moisture, which allows nail fungus to thrive within the layers of your nail. The only nail polish you can use is antifungal nail polish, which is specifically designed to treat nail fungus.

Shoes and socks can't stay infected by nail fungus

Basically, fungus stays within the fabric making your nails countinously reinfected, until you use an antifungal spray. Just make sure you use it every time you wear shoes or socks. This will help to prevent the nail fungus from spreading, and will also kill any existing nail fungus.

The nail fungus can also spread to other nails, and even to other people. It is important to treat nail fungus as soon as possible so that it does not have a chance to spread.

Sunshine is enough to kill nail fungus. Light bulb is just as effective as laser beam.

This is a very big misunderstanding. Laser light is not the same as either of those things.

An ordinary light bulb's light is non-directional and inconsistent, while laser light shows a directional and highly consistent distribution. This makes laser light much more efficient than a light bulb, which is non-coherent and consists of multiple frequencies.

A simple light bulb is not suggested to use for medical purposes, and laser beams are best suited for applications where the precise frequency control is needed, like antifungal therapies, or on different wavelengths, specific laser beams are used for cutting or welding.

Laser treatment is painful

Laser treatment for nail fungus is not painful. Laser treatment is external treatment, and the laser energy does not penetrate the nail or skin. You may feel a slight warmth during the treatment, but there should be no pain.

Onychom Antifungal Laser Device is expensive

$199 might sound expensive. Yes, you can find cheaper solutions on the market. But not like Onychom. Onychom Antifungal Laser Device is an individual product on the market - it's our own development and everything is based on the feedback of our customers. This is the only at-home antifungal laser treatment, with 3 diodes that destroys the fungus from your nails. Unlike oils and creams, it penetrates every layer of your nail. It not only kills fungus from the outside but also the inside. We designed it for the best user experience, so it's not only painless, but you won't suffer from any side effects!

If you or someone you know has nail fungus, don't believe the myths! There are effective treatments available that can help clear up the infection.

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