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Meditime Health Smart Watch
The All-in-One Solution for

  • 24-hour ECG Monitoring
  • 24-hour Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring

Explore the innovative, next-generation health technology that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry

The MediTime Health Smartwatch allows patients to perform vital diagnostic tests at home that were once only possible in a clinical setting. This cutting-edge device provides round-the-clock monitoring of blood pressure and electrocardiogram (ECG) readings, as well as a non-invasive way to check glucose levels. The built-in system guarantees precise and prompt data collection, which can be sent immediately to a healthcare provider for analysis and treatment. Best of all, this all-in-one monitoring solution is available for just a fraction of the cost of a single medical consultation.


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Wear the future

           of the healthcare

A comprehensive monitoring solution at a fraction
of the cost of a single medical consultation.

Exhausted by the long waits
    for medical check-ups and
          the ever-growing pile of bills?

No longer! You don't have to put up with long waits for medical appointments or shell out excessive fees at private healthcare facilities anymore. The Meditime watch offers a continuous health monitoring solution, allowing for prompt detection of any changes in health or disease state. 

It provides electrocardiograms, blood pressure measurements, and a non-invasive method for continuous blood glucose monitoring, thereby reducing the need for repeated needle punctures. The Meditime watch represents a tool for safe and convenient health oversight from the home environment.

Medical equipments can be complicated,
but we made it easy for you

Get to know the 4 key features of Meditime

Non-invasive blood sugar, and 24-hour blood pressure measurement

ECG analysis

Stress pulse detection with a chest strap

Hand-held heart examination

Healthcare Features

- EKG (High frequency: 512Hz), Chest patch real-time EKG analysis, 24-hour EKG monitoring

- Non-invasive blood sugar measurement

- Heart rate monitoring, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring

- Blood oxygen level monitoring

- Body temperature measurement, fever detection

- Sleep and snoring observation

- Stress level monitoring

- Observation of active and inactive periods in motion

- Drinking reminder (The device aids in consuming the desired or physician-prescribed daily fluid intake)

- Calorie counting

- Sports modes

Lifestyle Features

- Multi-Exercise Mode: Tailored for various physical activities

- Phone Call Mode: Integrated functionality for telecommunication

- Online Multi-Dial: Sophisticated online dial selection

- Customizable Digital Watch Faces: Personalized digital display configurations

- Online Multi-Functional Watch Faces: Comprehensive and functional online display options

- Call and Message Reminder: Aids in punctual correspondence

- Silent (Vibrating) Alarm Clock: Unobtrusive awakening

- Photograph Taking Capability: Allows for capturing visual memories

- Music Control: Convenient auditory selection adjustment

- Weather Display: Informative meteorological forecasts

- Countdown and Stopwatch Mode: Precise timekeeping functions

- Shake to Take Photos: Innovative motion-triggered photography

- Lost Mobile Phone Finder: Assists in locating misplaced communication devices

- Call and Message Reminder: Persistent reminder of incoming communication

Technical Features

- Optical Sensors: These help the watch see things like your heart rate.

- LEDs: make the screen bright.

- 1.39-inch 360*360 HD Touch Screen: This is the watch's display. You can touch it to control the watch.

- Ultra Low Power Consumption: The watch doesn’t use much battery, so it lasts longer between charges.

- Very Tough Metal Watch Body: The main part of the watch is made from strong metal.

- Strong, Durable Watch Strap: The band that goes around your wrist is tough and won't break easily.

- EKG Sticky Pads: Special pads that check your heart's health.

- Chest Strap for ECG Analysis: A special strap for your chest that the watch uses to check your heart.

- Charger

How does
   Meditime work?

The Meditime watch comes with refined features that make it possible to carry out different health checks and examinations right from the comfort of home, and even share these with a doctor. It has a lot of health functions, but the most important ones include replacing tests that used to be expensive or required long waits, like 24-hour ECG monitoring, non-invasive blood sugar checks, and around-the-clock blood pressure measurements

Benefit from a 30-Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

Try MediTime, and should you observe any discrepancies compared to the results measured by medical instruments, if your physician does not accept it for monitoring between treatments, or if you are dissatisfied with the device, you may return it in its undamaged packaging.

Why choose
   The Meditime Health Watch?

  • Monitor your health condition from home, simply and accurately
  • Replace uncomfortable medical examinations, queuing, and waiting for appointments
  • Save time and money instantly
  • Stay informed about your health in real-time
  • Consult with your physician from your home
  • Pay attention to your health daily, and prevent the onset of diseases

Simple to Operate, Rich in Benefits

24-Hour ECG Monitoring

The watch continuously monitors your heart rhythm, providing immediate notification if any discrepancies are detected.

- For those already suffering from relevant illnesses: Regular monitoring is vital in the diagnosis of arrhythmias and understanding their underlying mechanics. For patients previously diagnosed with arrhythmias, consistent ECG tests assist in tracking the disease and treatment efficacy.

- For preventive measures: For those at risk of developing arrhythmias due to family history or other risk factors, regular 24-hour ECG tests aid in early detection and prevention. Regular monitoring for athletes, soldiers, pilots, or other professionals is key to maintaining cardiovascular health.

Non-Invasive Blood Sugar Measurement

With the Meditime watch, you can effortlessly assess blood glucose levels at any time of the day without drawing blood.

- For those already suffering from relevant illnesses: Regular blood glucose measurement aids diabetes sufferers in controlling blood sugar levels, optimizing insulin or other medication dosing, and preventing diabetic complications.

- For preventive measures: For those at high risk of developing diabetes (e.g., obesity, sedentary lifestyle, family history), regular monitoring allows early detection and appropriate lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes.

24-Hour Blood Pressure Measurement

Monitor Your Blood Pressure Trends and Be Alerted to Any Changes:

- For Ongoing Tracking in Patients with Relevant Illnesses: Those with hypertension (high blood pressure) must regularly measure their blood pressure. This helps in tracking optimal medication management and fine-tuning any changes. Regular monitoring during blood pressure management enables timely interventions and prevents potential complications.

- For Preventive Measures: Blood pressure preventive monitoring is vital for those at risk of developing hypertension, such as family history or lifestyle factors (e.g., obesity, chronic sleep deprivation, stress, smoking, high cholesterol levels, etc.). It allows early detection to prevent hypertension and the opportunity to manage it at an early stage.

Not only comprehensive medical equipment but also an incredibly developed smartwatch, customized to fit your style

Steel Case

The watch's outer part
is made of a type of
metal that won't rust.

Watch Face Look

You can change how
the watch's screen
looks to suit your taste.


Made to last a long time
without breaking or wearing out.

Take Control of Your Health
& Engage in Proactive Care
with the MediTime Medical Smartwatch

24-Hour ECG Monitoring

24-hour blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) may be instrumental in the following scenarios:

-Diagnosis of Hypertension, 
-Identification of Masked Hypertension
(elevated BP under specific circumstances, e.g., stress), 
-Exclusion of White Coat Hypertension (elevated BP in medical settings, normal otherwise) 

Supporting Treatments:

- Monitoring the efficacy of blood pressure management,

- Optimization of antihypertensive medication dosing,

- Surveillance of response to hypertension treatment,

- Diagnosis and management of three or more blood pressure peaks (non-dipping pattern),

- Monitoring of idiopathic hypertension.

Non-Invasive Blood Sugar Measurement

Continuous blood glucose monitoring can be instrumental in the following scenarios

Diabetes, Insulin Resistance:

- Assisting in early diagnosis of diabetes, 
- Diagnosing insulin resistance (a reduction in the body's response to insulin),

Supporting Treatments:

- Monitoring the efficacy of diabetes management,

- Understanding and tracking carbohydrate metabolism,

- Optimization of insulin or medication dosing,

- Surveillance of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar),

- Analysis and tracking of the effects of dietary habits and physical activity on blood sugar levels

24-Hour Blood Pressure Measurement

Electrocardiogram (EKG) examination, or Holter monitoring, can be pivotal in the following situations:

Cardiac Arrhythmias, Myocardial Ischemia:

- It can diagnose cardiac arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia,

- Ascertain/Measure the mechanisms underlying arrhythmias,

- Diagnose myocardial ischemia (inadequate blood supply to the heart muscle) with 93-95% accuracy.

Supporting Treatments:

- Monitoring the effectiveness of antiarrhythmic drugs,

- Oversight of the function of pacemakers or other cardiac rhythm-regulating devices,

- Monitoring athletes, soldiers, pilots, or other professionals for arrhythmias.